South Korean boy band Big Bang's best album topped Japan's weekly album chart Cheap Buffalo Sabres Jersey , the band's management agency said Tuesday.

"The Best of Big Bang 2006-2014,"a compilation album featuring the band's hit songs and music videos, ranked first in Japan's Oricon Weekly Album Chart in the first week of its release on Nov. 26, said the YG Entertainment, which manages a stable of popular acts such as"Gangnam Style"rapper Psy and girl group 2NE1.

The album also maintained the No.1 spot in Japan's Oricon Daily Album Chart for five days in a row by selling a total of 120 Cheap Boston Bruins Jersey , 442 copies. The figure was the highest for Big Bang in Japan.

The album contains 50 tracks, including hit song"Fantastic Baby"and"My Heaven," the band's 2009 debut song in Japan, along with 32 music videos and video of performances.

From Nov. 15, the boy band began its concert tour in Japan that will continue by the end of December.

Meanwhile Cheap Arizona Coyotes Jersey , the group's members G-Dragon and Taeyang will release the Japanese version of"Good Boy" on Dec. 17, which gained popularity in South Korea as well as Hong Kong, China's Taiwan and Malaysia, YG said.

Here is an interesting list of the common practices we often do that generally send us off to the dental clinic in pain? Check them out and identify which ones you are most guilty of!

Late Night Eating

Did you know that your teeth need time to rest as well? Just like the rest of us, our teeth also try to relax and recover from long hours of work during the day. They utilize night-time as a refurbishing period. However Cheap Anaheim Ducks Jersey , because of some unlikely late night eating habits, the cycle is destroyed. Also, time becomes a great factor here. Some people who get a few munchies at night often times disregard brushing their teeth afterwards. Now this becomes a disadvantage because there is reduced saliva production at night that attracts more cavity-causing bacteria. Smells like trouble!

Drinking Sweets

Soda, as we all know, contains sugar. Nothing is really wrong with sugar intake as long as it is controlled. Doing such may Wholesale NHL Hockey Jerseys , in fact, reduce the risk of acquiring diabetes and getting cavities. If you are willing enough to break that habit, you may start familiarizing your taste buds with green tea or coffee. Just make sure you pick the ones with less sugar content because if you continue gratifying your sweet tooth, you will most likely end up frowning inside a dental clinic or inside a hospital.


Too much smoking may not send you to the dental clinic in excruciating pain, but it will pretty much send you there in total embarrassment because of unpleasant teeth stains. Yep. Yellow stains on teeth are very difficult to eliminate Wholesale Hockey Jerseys , unless you really initiate on quitting smoking. Aside from that, persistent smoking may also cause halitosis, or worse, oral cancer. Many people are pretty much lax to these warnings, but they actually have scientific basis Wholesale NHL Jerseys , so you better do your part as early as possible.

Postponing Dental Appointments

Are you guilty of this? Most likely, yes (I would assume). A dental appointment may be postponed for various reasons. Something important has come up while you are on your way to the dental clinic, so you make a u-turn. You probably have not gotten over your dental trauma, so you back out. The thing is emergencies are more acceptable than personal issues. Although healing takes time, it should be gradually resolved. Laziness could sometimes be a factor - that's not impressive.

Not Using Discounted Plans

People look left and right to spot for something that may give them benefit - even on dental clinic entrances. But what they fail to do is remembered to look over their documents to see that they haven't used their discounted dental plans for the longest times. This is the benefit you truly need. Many have complained about expensive dental treatments and surgeries Wholesale Jerseys From China , but using such dental plans will make your expenses as affordable as possible. Why don't you bring that card to the clinic and hand it to the receiving personnel? It's about time that card is put to good use.

(Source: Xinhua)

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BAGHDAD, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) -- At least seven people, including three Iranians Wholesale Jerseys China , were killed in a car bomb and a gunfire attack in Iraq's southern province of Nasriyah, a provincial security source said.

China, Brunei to boost ties

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MANILA, Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- Armed men believed to be members of the Abu Sayyaf group have hijacked a South Korean vessel off the island of Tawi-Tawi in the southern Philippines seizing its two crew members, a spokesman for the Philippine military said on Friday.

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