VILNIUS Seth Curry Mavericks Jersey , June 29 (Xinhua) -- Lithuanian parliament (the Seimas)has approved on Thursday the state university optimization planwhich could cut the number of universities in half, amid efforts toboost the quality of education in the country.

The government's plan stated that Lithuania's biggest cities --Vilnius and Kaunas -- should each have one classical university,covering a wide range of study programs. According to the plan,Vilnius and Kaunas would retain their technology Dirk Nowitzki Mavericks Jersey , health sciencesand art universities.

Lithuanian Education and Science Minister Jurgita Petrauskienesaid the parliament's decision had paved the way for one of themost important reforms in the country.

""The Seimas finally turned the key and started the engine of thehigher education reform in today's voting,"" Petrauskiene was quotedas saying in an announcement.

However, the parliament refrained from naming which universitiesshould be merged following recent resistance on the part ofacademic society.

Opponents to the plan, such as opposition MP and formereducation and science minister Gintaras Steponavicius Dennis Smith Jr. Mavericks Jersey , said ""Thisplan clearly lacks ambition; it's not specific enough,"" newswebsite vz.lt quoted him as saying.

More details of the universities' ""optimization"" are to becomeclear later. The parliament proposed the government to preparemeasures and legislation for the implementation of the reform byDec. 1.

Currently, the Baltic state has 14 state universities and apopulation of less than three million people. The Organization forEconomic Cooperation and Development (OECD) recently urged thecountry to reform its higher education system. Enditem

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Submitted 2018-09-03 04:07:43 Here are seven tips that you should follow every single day to keep yourself productive. They can help you stay in control of your academic and personal life.

Write Down Your Morning Thoughts:

Write down thoughts that may occur first thing in the morning. Before you get into the routine of checking emails or messages, make sure to capture your fresh ideas and take handwritten notes. It can help you to process your ideas and manage many things.

Drink a Glass of Lemon Water:

Before drinking coffee in the morning Wesley Matthews Youth Jersey , make sure you have a glass of lemon water to wake the body up right away. Lemon is a great way to naturally wake up your body and also helps with hydration. This can help you to manage caffeine addiction.

Set Do Not Disturb Mode:

The third productive daily habit is not to miss the do-not-disturb time. Turn off your Wifi or put your phone in flight mode. Avoid responding to the requests of others in the morning unless i  emergency. You wake up early to have extra time for yourself. If you check your group messages that go for hours and hours, then you waste your most productive time of the day.

Schedule a Planner:

Before you start a school week, block out the period of time for doing your assignments and projects. Sometimes, if there are last-minute tasks that pop up Harrison Barnes Youth Jersey , make sure to assign few hours in your calendar to fit that task as well.

Morning Walk:
ake it to the gym every single day, remember to take a morning walk for a few hours at least three to four times a week.

Clean Your Space:

Every single day, without fail, make sure to clean your room. Make your bed so that it can encourage you to keep the rest of your room tidy. Having an organized workspace can make your academic life a lot easier. It can create a greater sense of well-being and leads to better productivity.

Read Your Course Materials:

BEIJING, June 14 (Xinhua) -- Chinese online video streaming company Letv has teamed up with NASDAQ-listed haptic technology solution provider Immersion Corp. to allow viewers to watch four-dimensional (4D) videos on their smartphones.

The 4D technology has been featured in selected cinemas to simulate effects such as rain Dirk Nowitzki Youth Jersey , wind, lights and vibrations.

When shown on smartphones, 4D videos seek to create an experience where viewers can feel bullets passing, racing cars coming to a grinding halt Dennis Smith Jr. Youth Jersey , a high-rise collapse, heart pounding, among other effects, by touching the screen.

The Chinese tech firm Letv Wesley Matthews Kids Jersey , which has been compared to Netflix, said so far it only wants to feature touch-based simulation effects on movie trailers, as it sees mobile devices as more suitable for shorter videos and could be used as a promotional gimmick to lure people to watch the entire movie in theaters.

Letv will use 4D effects on trailers for The Expendables 3, Hotel Transylvania 2 and 007: Spectre.

The company said such features will be first rolled out in videos from its latest mobile app for devices running Google's Android operating system. That means users of Apple's iPhone will have to wait as the iOS currently does not support 4D videos.

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