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RIO DE JANEIRO, Feb 18 (Xinhua) -- British diving star Tom Daley will participate in the upcoming FINA World Diving Cup alongside his new partner Dan Goodfellow with the aim of winning an Olympic place in men's synchronised 10m platform event for Britain.

Daley enchanted the world at 14 by becoming the youngest British athlete to compete at the Olympics in 48 years at the Beijing 2008 Games. One year later, at 15, he became the youngest Briton to win a world title. At London 2012, aged 18, he won the individual bronze medal on the 10m platform. Now Daley has his eye on not only the first, but also on the second Olympic gold of his career at the Rio Olympics.

The individual 10m platform is the event in which Daley has had most success. He has also already won a place for Britain in the individual event at the Rio Olympics, after finishing third at the 2015 World Aquatics Championships in Kazan, Russia.

Now he is focused on the synchronized event, in which half of the eight Rio Olympics spots have already been bagged by China, Mexico and Russia, along with host Brazil.

"It's going to be incredibly tough, but we'll give it our best shot," Daley said in a video published on his YouTube channel. The pair arrived in Rio last Thursday (11 February) to get prepared for the event.

The World Diving Cup, which is also the Rio Olympics test event, will be staged at the Maria Lenk Aquatics Center from Friday to Wednesday (19-24 February). In total, 272 athletes from 49 countries and regions will compete for 88 spots in the Rio Olympic diving competition.

TRIPOLI, Jan. 7 (Xinhua) -- A car bomb killed at least 20 and injured dozens of others on Thursday in a military training camp on the outskirts of Zlitan, some 150 km east of the Libyan capital, local security sources said.

Jiang Zhen's wife Zhang Fang fetches water from a mineral water tank, on the second day after China's capital Beijing issued its second ever "red alert" for air pollution, in Beijing, China, December 20, 2015. To match CHINA-POLLUTIONBUBBLE REUTERSKim Kyung-Hoon Jiang Zhen, his wife Zhang Fang and their children Doudou (2nd R) and Dudu (2nd L) pose with a portable device that measures air quality and an air purifier in the children's room, on the second day after China's capital Beijing issued its second ever "red alert" for air pollution, in Beijing, China, December 20, 2015. To match CHINA-POLLUTIONBUBBLE REUTERSKim Kyung-Hoon

SHANGHAI - Liu Nanfeng has five air purifiers, two air quality monitors and a water purification system in his Beijing apartment. He buys organic. But still he worries for his 2-year-old daughter's health.

"I feel safe at home, but when we go out to the mall, the indoor and outdoor air are the same," the 34-year-old screenwriter said. "It feels hopeless."

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