Officially known as Republic of Cyprus Kelly Oubre Jr. Wizards Jersey , Cyprus is known for its sunny ecstasy and is one of the major tourist destinations of the world. A holiday in Cyprus is always a great idea whether you are making a plan with your family or with friends.

Things to see in Cyprus

Some of things to see when holidaying in Cyprus are:

Hala sultan tekksi - this historic and ancient mosque adds to the beauty of near by Larnac's airport as well as the Larnance salt lake, at whose edge the mosque stands.

Limmassol castle - situated near old harbor and the medieval museum of Cyprus, this castle is also accompanied with a zoo, municipal gardens and an archeological museum of Limassol district.

Cyprus museums and archeological monuments' the island is surrounded with remarkable historic collection in its various museum houses, such as Byzantine museum, district archeological museum, Tornaritis-Pierides Paleontology Museum and natural history museum. The ruins of kition are also quite a remarkable thing to experience when holidaying in Cyprus.

Famgusta - history of this city goes back to 285 B.C-

The city of Famagusta can be found in the northeastern region of Cyprus. The city is believed to have been founded by the Egyptians aroud 285 B.C. In ancient times it was an extremely popular and wealthy destination for merchants.

Today,the tourist site of Famagusta is surrounded by the Venetian wall while the new city is situated just outside its border. The Citadel and Othello's Tower is one of the top tourist destinations in Famagusta. The Tower and Citadel was constructed by the Lusignans in the 14th century and was allegedly used as the backdrop for Shakespeare's masterpiece "Othello".

Things to do in Cyprus

Some of the things to do when holidaying in Cyprus are:

- At Larnaca, Agia Napa and Kataklysmos, go partying and clubbing - Enjoy water sports like snorkeling and diving Geroskipou, Larnaca, Dassoudi Beach in Cyprus - Walk through the mountain and resort trails in the forests of Limassol and Machairas - Go skiing at Platres and Kakopetria - Shop through Cyprus markets - Enrich yourself with amazing Cyprus carnivals and festivals

Best time to visit or holiday in Cyprus

This island in the Mediterranean coastline is known for its hot and sunny whether, so if you are someone who wish to holiday in hot region, holiday in Cyprus. While many also prefer their Cyprus holiday in spring time, when the whether is much pleasant. A Cyprus holiday is always ideal for summer vacation lovers.
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