BEIJING Cheap Houston Astros Jerseys , Oct. 30 (Xinhua) -- Top China and U.S. naval commanders held video talks on Thursday, two days after a U.S. destroyer patrolled the South China Sea, with the Chinese side expressing "deep concern."

"Such dangerous and provocative acts have threatened China's sovereignty and security and harmed regional peace and stability," Admiral Wu Shengli of the People's Liberation Army's Navy said during talks with his U.S.-counterpart Admiral Jonathan Richardson, chief of U.S. naval operations.

Earlier on Tuesday Cheap Kansas City Royals Jerseys , the U.S. destroyer USS Lassen entered waters near Zhubi Reef without the permission of the Chinese government, despite repeated opposition and representation from China, said Wu, a member of the Central Military Commission.

Wu warned that if the United States continued such actions, tensions would rise between the two countries' naval and air forces Cheap Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Jerseys , leading to a "possible clash."

He said he hopes the United States cherishes the sound situation between the Chinese and U.S. navies and will avoid reoccurrence of similar incidents.

China will "have to take all necessary measures to safeguard sovereignty and security" if the United States persists on going its own way and ignoring China's concern, he said.

Considering the big picture for Sino-U.S. relations, Chinese Naval ships warned the U.S. destroyer several times following the Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea (CUES). The warnings were ignored by the U.S. ship and the Chinese navy was "deeply concerned," Wu said.

Wu said it is a well-known fact and the country's consistent stance that China has "irrefutable" sovereignty over the Nansha Islands and its adjacent waters. China's island construction in the area has been conducted on its own territory and is a matter within the scope of Chinese sovereignty.

"It is reasonable and legal and does not target or affect any other countries. It will not influence the freedom of navigation and flight enjoyed by other countries," he said.

"Freedom of navigation in the South China Sea has not had a problem in the past and will not have one now or in the future."

Such a principle does not provide a pretext or privilege for any nation to harm others' sovereignty and security Cheap Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys , he said.

Wu said the United States should not force other countries to accept its proposal and must not infringe upon other country's interests in the name of maintaining freedom of navigation.

He said both countries' navies have broad cooperation prospects and potential in the South China Sea. They should jointly play a positive role in safeguarding regional peace and stability.

Wu pointed out that international laws, including the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, state that countries should fully respect coastal countries' sovereignty and security interests, instead of "showing off military power or threatening coastal countries," while enjoying freedom of navigation and flight.

Richardson said the U.S. patrol in the South China Sea was part of its global navigation freedom and follows international laws and conventions.

He said it is not aimed at any one particular country and that the "U.S. takes no position in competing sovereignty claims."

The video conference was the first direct communication between top naval officers of the two countries. Richardson said the naval dialogue was necessary and he hopes relations will continue to develop between the two navies.

Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang posts a photo with his girlfriend at Tencent Weibo this morning to announce his marriage. The couple Cheap Miami Marlins Jerseys , leaning against a hurdle at a running track in the photo, will get their marriage certificates in Shanghai today. --Tencent

Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang posts a photo with his girlfriend at Tencent Weibo this morning to announce his marriage. The couple, leaning against a hurdle at a running track in the photo, will get their marriage certificates in Shanghai today.

Liu Xiang’s girlfriend Ge Tian was allegedly born in 1990, and graduated from The Central Academy of Drama in 2012. The actress played supporting role in the police and gangsters drama series “Zhong An Liu Zu”. An insider revealed that Ge’s father is a top executive of an influential corporation based in Shanghai.

ROME Cheap Milwaukee Brewers Jerseys , Sept. 15 (Xinhua) -- Italy will set up a logistical baseto help Libya manage migration at its southern border, local mediareported Friday.

The mission was agreed upon during a meeting in Rome of theItaly-Libya Committee chaired by Italian Interior Minister MarcoMinniti, Ansa news agency said.

Participants included Libyan, Italian, European Union and UnitedNations delegates. The Libyan delegation "is aware of the effortsof the EU Cheap Minnesota Twins Jerseys , which has allocated significant resources to stem theflow of migrants across the southern border, (and to) improve thesocio-economic conditions of local communities," the ItalianInterior Ministry said in a statement.

The planned logistical base will support Libyan border patrolsand UN humanitarian agencies at the southern border, which Libyashares with Niger, Chad and Sudan.

People fleeing war and famine in sub-Saharan Africa pay humantraffickers hefty sums to bring them across the desert to Libya Cheap York Mets Jerseys , inhopes of boarding boats to Italy once they reach the Mediterraneancoast. Once in Libya, the migrants end up in reportedly inhumanedetention camps.

Also during the meeting, the International Organization onMigration (IOM) said it had helped over 7,300 migrants in Libyacamps return to their home countries, and has committed to aidingin 15 Cheap York Yankees Jerseys ,000 to 20,000 voluntary repatriations by the end of thisyear.

The UN representatives said they have carried out 650 visits toLibyan migrant detention camps, obtaining the release so far of1,000 people with legitimate political asylum claims. The UN planis to get as many legitimate asylum seekers out of th. Diego Souza Brazil Jersey   Gustav Svensson Sweden Jersey   Marc Bartra Spain Jersey   Marco Fabian Mexico Jersey   Marco Reus Germany Jersey   Cheap Chelsea Jerseys   Cheap Atletico Madrid FC Jerseys   Cheap Arsenal Jerseys   Cheap Sevilla FC Jerseys   Wholesale Manchester United Jerseys