FOSHAN Phil Jones England Shirt , China, April 4 (Xinhua) -- Following are the results of the Chinese National Swimming Championships in Foshan here on Monday:

Women's 100m butterfly:

1. Chen Xinyi, Shanghai, 56.82 seconds

2. Lu Ying, Shanghai, 57.17

3. Zhang Yufei, Jiangsu, 57.99

4. Zhou Yilin, Hebei, 58.16

5. Liu Zige, Shanghai, 58.94

6. Li Shuang, Henan, 59.03

7. Wang Jingzhuo, Liaoning, 59.16

8. Sun Meichen, Hebei, 1:00.03

Men's 100m breaststroke:

1. Wang Lizhuo, Chinese Navy, 59.69

2. Li Xiang, Tianjin, 1:00.19

3. Yan Zibei, Hubei, 1:00.19

4. Zhang Zhihao, Shanghai, 1:00.45

5. Song Jiale, Tianjin, 1:00.90 ( 6. Mao Feilian, Zhejiang, 1:01.30

7. Liu Yunsong, Beijing, 1:01.50

8. Wang Boyu, Tianjin, 1:01.80

Women's 400m freestyle:

1. Xin Xin, Shandong, 4:05.98

2. Cao Yue, Shannxi, 4:07.12

3. Zhang Yuhan, Beijing Bayi, 4:07.30

4. Li Bingjie, Hebei, 4:08.00

5. Dong Jie, Tianjin, 4:08.36

6. Bi Wenxin, Shandong, 4:08.42

7. Bi Yirong, Zhejiang, 4:09.52

8. Shen Junjie, Zhejiang, 4:11.18

Men's 4x100m freestyle relay:

1. Beijing, 3:18.41

2. Guangdong, 3:18.95

3. Shanghai, 3:21.29

4. Zhejiang, 3:22.66

5. Hebei, 3:24.14

6. Liaoning, 3:25.71

7. Guangxi, 3:27.11

8. Shandong, 3:27.47

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