SYDNEY Eric Dier England Shirt , Jan. 16 (Xinhua) -- Australian vitamin and health supplement maker Blackmores Ltd has no plans to split its stock after shares recently surged passed 200 Australian dollars.

Blackmore's market capitalization has growth from 550 million Australian dollars (377.27 million U.S. dollars) to over 3 billion Australian dollars (2.06 billion U.S. dollars) over the past 12 months as export earnings grow, most notably from strong vitamin sales to China.

Blackmores chief executive Christine Holgate told Xinhua on Saturday the company has no intention to split its shares which broke through the 200 Australian dollar (137.19 U.S. dollar) barrier in late October on the announcement of a partnership with dairy producer Bega Cheese Ltd. to supply infant formula to China.

"85 percent of our shareholders are retail shareholders, mums and dads" Holgate said at the infant formula product launch on Saturday.

"Many of our shareholders have held our stock for 30 years, and just splitting the shares isn't going to change whether they continue to hold Blackmores or not."

At the close of trade on Friday, Blackmores shares had gained 5.52 Australian dollars (3.79 U.S. dollars), or 2.76 percent to 205.50 Australian dollars (140.96 U.S. dollars) despite the ASX slipping 0.34 percent for a nine out of 10 session loosing streak, its worst start to a New Year on record.

Breaking the 200 Australian dollar (137.19 U.S. dollar) barrier on the partnership's announcement had some investors concerned the 513 percent surge over the past year made the stock overpriced.

"This is way above what we've valued it at," Morningstar analyst Chris Kallos told global news agency Reuters at the time.

"This partnership is a good move on paper and looks like it diversifies revenues without putting added pressure on their manufacturing capacity, while taking advantage of the demand in China, (but) it looks expensive."

The Blackmores-Bega Cheese partnership launched their infant formula range in Sydney on Saturday, faster than anticipated to meet market demands.

Australian supermarket giants Woolworths and Wesfarmers owned Coles have restricted sales of infant formula due to significant local supply issues from high demand.

"We've very cognisant about mums making sure they can get supply of products," Holgate said, noting there is no indication of when the market will heat peak demand."

"What we've done is put a number of measures in place to help mums."

Consumers will be able to purchase Blackmore's infant formula in Australian pharmacies, via a national customer service line and e-commerce platforms.

Trafalgar Square: one of Londons oldest, and best, attractions Published: 01.07.2008 | Author: asingleton | Category: Travel

London is seen by many travellers to be one of the worlds must-see cities and although recent developments such as the London Eye and the Millennium Dome are huge attractions to tourists, the majority still set aside time for the more traditional landmarks, like Trafalgar Square.

The square is named after the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar which saw the British Navy defeat the combined fleets of the French and Spanish. Horatio Nelson was the Commander of the British Navy at the time and it is his statue, perched atop the eponymous Nelsons Column, which dominates its surroundings, standing at a height of 185 feet. The statue of Nelson himself is 17 feet in height.

The square itself was designed by John Nash, who created the first layout of the square in the 1820s, with construction beginning in 1829. John Nash passed away before the square was completed, but his designs were adhered to, and the squares Neo-classical design was achieved. Londons National Gallery which houses one of the worlds richest collections of art is situated on Trafalgar Squares north side.

Also prominent in the square is the wildlife. Four statues of lions reputedly made from the recycled cannons of the French ships sit at the base of Nelsons column whilst live pigeons freely roam around the attraction. It is estimated that at their peak there were around 35,000 pigeons in the square; however, that figure has declined recently.

The common thought of Trafalgar Square might well be of being filled with hordes of pigeons, but its location in central London means it has often been packed full with humans. Many protests have taken place there including the Poll Tax riots in 1990 and more recently the anti-war demonstrations against the UKs involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq. It has also been used as a place of celebration after Englands success in the 2003 Rugby World Cup and the cricket teams victory in the 2005 Ashes series, Trafalgar Square was used as the focal point for the victory parades.

Although 12,000 congregated to watch England play Brazil in the 2002 World Cup on specially set up screens, possibly the largest gathering of people came on 8 May 1945. Citizens turned out in huge numbers to hear Sir William Churchills speech announcing that World War II was over. Since the war, Trafalgar Square has housed a Christmas tree each year that has been donated by the town of Oslo as a token of appreciation not only for Britains prominence in the fight against the Axis but also because Norways government and Prince Olav lived in exile in London during the conflict.

Although hotels in London werent as prevalent during the war, the following tourist boom has seen huge development in the tourist attractions, the transport system and the accommodation of the city.

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