HONG KONG Jessie Bates Bengals Jersey , April 8 (Xinhua) -- The World Wide Fund for Nature ( WWF) Hong Kong on Tuesday announced that the volume of shark fin products imported into Hong Kong in 2013 dropped significantly from 8,285.1 tons to 5,412.2 tons in 2012, or 34.7 percent.

According to the latest figures from Hong Kong's Census and Statistics Department, there was also a decrease in re-export volumes, from 2,428 tons to 2,003.7 tons, or 17.5 percent. The re- export volumes to China declined from 1,170 tons to 114 tons, nearly 90 percent, with Vietnam becoming the top re-export destination in 2013.

Tracy Tsang, WWF Hong Kong's Senior Program Officer for Shark, said since 2007, WWF Hong Kong has been actively engaging with different sectors across the city to "Say No to Shark Fin. As of early April, 2014, 168 corporations have taken the "No Shark Fin Corporate Pledge", meaning shark conservation messages reach nearly 90,000 corporate staff. Further, 116 caterers have joined WWF Hong Kong's Alternative Shark Free Menu program.

The Hong Kong government also pledged in 2013 to adopt sustainability-conscious food consumption during official entertainment functions, which includes no consumption of shark fin, adde Tsang.

Tsang said, the existing Hong Kong Harmonized System (HKHS) codes, used to track shark fin products, do not as of now identify specific shark species, making it difficult to monitor trade trends in shark fin products. Additionally, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora' s (CITES) decision to include more shark species in its Appendix II has been ratified, and the Hong Kong government should now be preparing to follow the updated CITES requirements.

She suggested that "For CITES implementation, the Hong Kong government should improve the existing HKHS codes to allow for the identification of shark species that need to be tracked. Scientific identification, through DNA testing of randomly-sampled shark fins, could also be deployed for verification purposes.

Hong Kong accounts for about 50 percent of global shark fin trade annualy. Shark fin is being used in weddings, corparate banquets and other celebration events, where seving shark fin is regarded as respect to the guests.

MEXICO CITY, Feb. 15 (Xinhua) -- United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan E. Mendez on Monday called on Mexican authorities to carry out a thorough and impartial investigation into last week's deadly prison riot.

The investigation into the Feb. 11 incident at the Topo Chico prison in Monterrey, capital of north Nuevo Leon state, which left at least 49 inmates dead, aims to uncover the causes of the massacre and identify those responsible, whether prison staff or other inmates.

"I urge Mexican authorities to guarantee the right of the families to know the truth about what happened, to quickly identify those who died whose names are as yet unknown, to deliver in a dignified way the remains of those killed and to provide quality medical attention to the injured," Mendez said in a statement published by media outlets.

"The investigation should also lead to reparations for the victims and their families, including guarantees such an incident will not happen again and that it will lead to a substantial improvement of the prison's conditions," he added.

Mendez had inspected Topo Chico in April of 2014 and warned prison officials of the precarious situation at the facility, including a lack of oversight that generated an air of chaos and gave groups within the prison too much control.

"I could see that the excessive leniency in the way the inmates were governed led to autonomy and violence at the prison," said Mendez, citing cruelty to prisoners with disabilities.

He also noted dilapidated facilities, unsanitary conditions and poor quality of food in a report he submitted to prison officials on April 27.

Nuevo Leon's state government on Saturday issued a statement on the incident, saying the clash occurred between two different criminal rings at the prison that were allowed to operate, including drug trafficking, with the consent of officials there.

State police have taken over the prison since the incident and relocated 233 of the inmates to other facilities, according to the office of Gov. Jaime Rodriguez, who took office about 100 days ago.

Welcome to Alaska or as the Aleut people say, Welcome to "Alyeska", the "great land". Yes most definitely Alaska is a great land. It is one of the biggest states in the United States (almost big enough to one fifth to the rest of the US) and on the other hand one of the least populated areas in the US (definitely it's a place to visit if you come from crowded NY or LA).

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