Corporate philanthropy is a concept of aligning modus operandi towards more responsible action for overall societal and environmental change. By definition corporate philanthropy isn’t different from individual philanthropy that is directed towards greater good.

There is increasing awareness towards making corporation more responsible with their action in attaining a self sustaining growth path. In constant strive to grow bigger and better we have used natural resources most irresponsibly that now causing us great concerns. There is an immediate requirement for putting things on the right track and promoting philosophy of responsible living. Several tribal communities have long been practicing self sustaining way of life by preserving means essential for their livelihood.

The Apatani community in the north-eastern region of India follows one such sustainable model of growth by combining paddy farming with fish cultivation – promoting a self-reliant Cheap Elias Lindholm Jersey , energy efficient agricultural ecosystem. Corporate is adapting to the idea by changing their approach from cradle-to-grave to cradle-to-cradle in attaining more sustainable growth path.

Corporate social responsibility is mainly delivered on three prongs - educational advancement, social development and environmental protection in a process of instilling values Cheap Brock McGinn Jersey , principal and behavioral change necessary in achieving overall societal development.

Indian government in an effort to make corporation more responsible towards the society they belong to proposed 2% spending of post tax profit in Company Bill 2012 towards corporate philanthropy. We can reach to our target faster and more responsibly if we join hands in bringing changes to the society. India demands serious commitment from all quarters towards developing education, healthcare and infrastructure in attaining the road of self reliance.

A large percentage of children in the country are still out of school creating large demand for proper schooling and education. Undereducated society can’t live up to its full capacity and embark on the path of self reliance. Education should be directed towards making the generation more responsible and committed towards environmental conservation.

It is quite heartening to see some corporations making serious efforts with corporate philanthropy by engaging in rehabilitation in disaster management.

Rehabilitation in disaster management is an effort to help victims of a natural calamity to return to normal way of life as soon as possible. It helps reducing pressure from the government and society by allowing economy to grow at a steady pace.

However Cheap Sebastian Aho Jersey , the ball of corporate social responsibility shouldn’t be put on corporation’s court alone. It requires positive support from government and society to sustain on the path of greater good. Supportive policies work as catalyst and encourage corporate to get involved more enthusiastically in bringing positive changes to the society. Have you owned a dog for a few years now? Then you are probably quite used to taking care of it. You feed and water it daily and groom them whenever they need it. Are you wondering what you can do to insure that your dog will live longer though? Here is a method that is helping dogs to live longer.

Make sure to be careful on what your are feeding to your dog. Their food should be carefully paid attention to, so that you are providing all their nutritional needs to them. It has been recommended for a long time not to feed table scraps to dogs. This is because it can make them gain weight.

Packaged dog food is made to watch the amount of fats the dogs are getting. Also you can get dog food geared for puppies Cheap Justin Williams Jersey , adults, or senior dogs. Each classification is geared toward the stage of development the dog is at.

You need to be certain that your dog has enough fresh water a day too. They need to stay hydrated just like we humans do. So make sure their water bowls get filled daily Cheap Jordan Staal Jersey , or get the special water bowl that have a container attached, to continuously feed water to the bowl.

Brush and groom your dog as often as recommended for the breed. You can brush your dog daily and bathe most dogs at least every other week. Some dogs will have to be bathed more often depending on how often they play outside and get dirty. Having a healthy coat is part of a dog s overall health.

Dogs need exercise just like we do and there are several ways to exercise your dog. You can take them for long walks this gives you exercise too. You can train your dog to catch a Frisbee in mid air; they usually have to run to do this. Have your dog fetch a ball or stick Cheap Noah Hanifin Jersey , some dogs will run full out to do this. Many dogs love to swim and enjoy the water right along with you, when you go for a swim in your pool or a lake. They also have competitions for dogs to run courses and do different activities. Some parks now have sections for dogs to go play with other dogs too.

Make sure to take your dog to the vet for their annual checkup. A dog needs specific vaccines to prevent them from getting certain diseases as in rabies. You also need to make sure their teeth and ears are in good shape too. Without their teeth a dog has a hard time getting their nourishment. Their ears can get infected if they are not cared for properly. The vet helps you know how to take care of the special needs of your dog.

Follow the method outlined here and add plenty of love and your dog will live a longer life. Dogs become part of our families and losing one is very heartbreaking Cheap Jeff Skinner Jersey , so take good care of your dog today. This way they can be part of your family for many years to come.
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