SHANGHAI, April 10 (Xinhua) -- A 75-year-old theater with the same name of the renowned Broadway stage reopened on Saturday in the eastern Chinese city of Shanghai after six years of renovation.

  Shang Yang, a modern drama about the story of an ancient Chinese reformist, became the first work staged in the reopened Majestic Theatre, to be followed by a number of Chinese operas and stage plays.

  Built in 1941 during World War II with U.S. investment, the theater has been an iconic landmark of Shanghai and a main stage for visiting troupes and imported movies from the United States.

  It began renovation in 2010 according to the original design blueprint. The new building retains its simple style, but has improved stage, upgraded equipment and a new crystal chandelier, a design that failed to materialize according to the original plan after the ship carrying the item was sunk during the war.

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Chinese players pose for photos prior to the semi-final match between China and the Netherlands during the semi-final match of 2017 Women Hocky World League in Brussel, Belgium on July 2, 2017. China lost 0-2. (XinhuaGong Bing)

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AMSTERDAM adidas ultra boost tilbud , The Netherlands, April 12 (Xinhua) -- Wu Wen and Xing Ya, two Chinese giant pandas arrived on Wednesday evening at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam for a 15-year stay in a Dutch zoo, making The Netherlands the seventh European country that hosts this endangered and adorable black and white bear.

The KLM special cargo flight transporting the pandas landed at around 19:30 local time. When the cages were unloaded from the plane adidas superstar 80s tilbud , hundreds of people watching the live broadcast on a big screen in a nearby hall erupted into applause.

During their debut at the hall shortly after a sanitary check, both Wu Wen (Beautiful Powerful Cloud, the female panda) and Xing Ya (Elegant Star, male) made tentative steps then strolled in rounds in their tailor-made cages adidas superstar slip on tilbud , saluting crowds of camera as if with somewhat curiosity.

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