Extreme gas permeability from Boston contact lenses Published: 21.06.2010 | Author: udtekadapter | Category: Health And Fitness
As one of the notable brands in the world of gas permeable contact lenses Patrick Patterson Thunder Jersey , Boston contact lenses have done an extraordinary job. Offering stunning visual clarity and unparalleled comfort, Boston contact lenses have established a niche for themselves in this field. These lenses come in a variety of designs and materials serving as the choices by different patients. But this is not the fundamental reason that enables Boston lenses to gain popularity and acceptance among contact lens wearers.

As a type of gas permeable lenses, Boston contacts in all designs make a further step by using a patented material which offers outstanding permeability to oxygen. This valuable feature allows the eyes to breathe easily, keeping eye fatigue and dryness at bay. This advantage is really meaningful. Gas or oxygen permeability is actually the most critical and fundamental point of the so called gas permeable contact lenses.

Having been the most recommended lenses in the GP realm, Boston contact lenses offer some other advantages in addition to the mentioned gas permeability. Debris and dirt can hardly build on Boston lenses because of the lenses鈥?patented smooth surface design. These lenses have a unique back surface design which can avoid dirt buildup. This feature helps lens wearers reduce lens care every day.

Boston contact lenses use the AERCOR lens architecture and cutting-edge lens materials. Dealing with differing forms of vision defects, Boston lenses in various designs offer a wide range of options. Some of the designs include ES, Envision, II, 7 and IV. Using precise prescription instruments, all of these different types are customized for potential patients.

ES Boston contact lenses are particularly for daily use. And Boston II lenses have almost the same specifications as the ES series. In addition, Envision design suits people with astigmatism best. The 7 series as a recent design is aimed to overcome the shortcomings of the earlier ranges.

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