Pcdefender2008 Does not Defend Your Computer

Author: Carl Atkinson

Before I start telling you about PCDefender2008 Rush David Johnson Jersey , let me tell you a little bit about my background so you will feel secure in my knowledge. I have worked with computers, from building and repairing to tech support to IT networking, for over 10 years. Even in my time off work I am involved with computers, be it researching new hardware, programs or threats to computers. I tell you this because I want you to feel secure that what I tell you is true and informed.

The start of PCDefender2008芒鈧劉s hold on your computer comes when the Vundo Trojan makes its way onto your computer. There are several ways the Vundo Trojan could have gotten on your computer: porn websites, infected file sharing music or video, corrupt video codecs and ActiveX controls or spam email can all be the cause of the Vundo Trojan getting onto your computer.

After Vundo is on your computer you will be flooded with pop-ups telling you that your computer is infected and only PCDefender2008 can remove the infections. This is a common ploy by rogue antispyware programs. They get you so alarmed for your computer芒鈧劉s well-being that you will believe what they tell you. If you click on a pop-up you will be taken to a site where a fake scan is run. The scan will come back telling you that you have dozens of infections. Then you will be given a screen with the option to either buy PCDefender2008 or stay infected.

If you choose to stay infected you will constantly be flooded with reminders that you are 芒鈧搃nfected芒鈧?and to buy PCDefender2008. If you cave and pay for a 芒鈧揻ull芒鈧?version of PCDefender2008, you will have given your credit card information to crooks. It is highly possible your credit card information will be sent to other malicious sources. Not only that, but PCDefender2008 compromises your computer. Your system setting will be hijacked, your homepage is set to some obscure page, and your searches will take you to malicious websites that will install other unwanted software. Thanks to PCDefender2008, your computer will be flooded with more malware. And because of the processes running in the background, your computer芒鈧劉s performance will slow down.

If you try to remove PCDefender2008 through AddRemove Programs you will find it does not work. The only way to remove PCDefender2008, the Vundo Trojan and all the malware that has found its way onto your computer because of PCDefender2008, is to find a dependable antispyware program. There are many out there. Some are free while others you pay for. It is rare to find an antispyware that removes everything, so most people depend on a combination of two or three to ensure they have removed all their malware, spyware, adware and Trojans. To find the antispyware programs that work best, do a little research. Check out websites like Tucows, WUGNET and CNET for their awards and reviews. That is the best place for the unfamiliar to make an educated choice on which programs are best for them.

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