Shoes are definitely one of the ultimate statement maker in terms of fashion style. As designers and innovators continue to create seemingly strange and crazy footwear Vlade Divac Jersey , more celebrities and trendsetters keep on adopting new styles. Even if we want to keep our images simple, sometimes we cannot really restrain ourselves from wearing daring and funky shoes. With the various shoe designs, people find more fun by concentrating on the heels. What more, they even enjoy those bizarre heels!

Some pair of shoes just looks like normal shoes but as you go through its details, you will be amazed to find breath taking features. Regardless if the heels are weird or not, as long as it can get much attention, that would be a perfect choice.

Consider Stuart Weitzman Chicpump and Peepers which looks like a grandma pump with narrow heel and have crystal encrusted heels respectively. These two are a good start followed by other brands such as Marc Jacobs (MJ) in various designs. The craze over ?martini? heels or the fat heels generate great revenue in the shoe industry despite its odd look and mind boggling tints.

All over the world, women love experimenting on new footwear especially with the latest assorted rocking high heels, dangerous boots and avant garde stilettos. The so called modern wizard of Oz shoes originated in Hong Kong highlighting the shimmery Alexander McQueen lobster claw shoes as the crowd?s favorite. As of today, dangerous shoes sponsoring bizarre heels stay on top of women?s shopping list.

Apart from designer?s shoes with pointed heels that can blast the catwalk, there are also shoes that are inspired by nature. Take for example the sea creature shoes. First, in the form of a sea horse which embellish a very towering platform. Other foot encapsulation promotes bejeweled ant eaters and Poseidon inspired pumps. They are commonly referred to as freaky shoes for daring soles especially those that were release in the market featuring tarantula stilettos. Ponyplay iron clad shoes which are seen on magazine are now so popular together with extreme ballerina heels. To top it off, designers also roll out the big buzz about platform shoes as flower bases.

The new heights of heels and varying materials that made up the shoes are the primary criteria to rate their uniqueness. Being bizarre is way different from being an outcast because the crazy ideas incorporated by critics and designers result to fabulous catwalk and mall displays. The super sky heels and the reverse heel design score equally from shoes lovers. Modern Cinderella showcases glass shoes in amazing designs. Its transparency is also complimented by colorful and attractive items on the soles and inside the glassy heels.

There are really lots of possibilities in the world of women?s shoes. The bizarre, tall heeled metal sandals can always make a man?s jaw drop. The tall, see through stripper shoes can rip a guy?s wallet just to please a girl in her shopping spree. The thing is, many top shoes for this year are really odd looking and this weirdness comes real beauty. With every fugly cork shoes, every smile of the one who?s wearing it makes the great difference.

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