Did you know that there is an effective way to improve your golf game that doesn't involve either a golf course or a practice range? Golf fitness is a given for most golf professionals Isaac Bonga Lakers Jersey , but even beginning golfers can benefit. Golf fitness differs from conventional strength training. It consists of exercises that are specific to the sport of golf and is especially concerned with increasing your flexibility, strength, balance and endurance.

A smooth, fluid golf swing requires a high degree of flexibility. But flexibility can be difficult to maintain, especially as players get older. Exercises that increase flexibility are recommended because there are lots of great reasons to stay flexible that don't have anything to do with golf. Stretching exercises will have the greatest effect on increasing your flexibility. Don't expect fabulous results from a casual stretch whenever you happen to think about it. Develop a specific stretching routine that you do on a regular basis.

Adding muscle strength to your new-found flexibility will add yards to your drives. The extra distance is a consequence of the much higher club head speed you can produce with a stronger and more flexible upper body. The type of strength training required for golf fitness is somewhat different than what you might be familiar with. A great golf swing needs power that is more explosive in nature. If you have access to a gym, then talk to one of the trainers about exercises that have high RFD (that stands for rate of force development). It's not about how much mass you can lift; it's more about how quickly you can accelerate that mass. This is how strength is translated into power.

Strength and flexibility won't be very helpful if you can't stay on your feet. Improving your balance can help keep your body centered over the ball. Good balance also helps you make better shots from difficult lies, like the edge of a bunker or a steep grade in the tall grass. You also have to create a stable platform so that your golf swing plane isn't negatively affected. Balance and stability are developed with core strengthening exercises, with special attention to your lower back.

Finally, golf fitness exercises should add endurance to your flexibility, strength and balance. A full round of 18 holes can be brutal in the summer heat. Even nine holes can wear you down. And what if you travel to a golf resort and play every day? What are the most effective exercises to build endurance? Cardio, cardio and more cardio. One reason cardiovascular exercises help with endurance is their ability to reduce overall body fat. Time on the treadmill, elliptical trainer or stair climber is time well spent in the gym. Walking or jogging in your neighborhood can accomplish the same results.

Professional golfers know the value of golf fitness and make it part of their training schedule. Amateurs like you and me probably don't have that kind of time in our week. Make your fitness time as focused and efficient as possible. Golf fitness can be your secret weapon to score lower, hurt less and enjoy the game of golf more.
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