BEIJING Nick Jensen Red Wings Jersey , Jan. 18 (Xinhua) -- Two-way movement will be normal for the exchange rate of the Chinese yuan in the future given uncertainties in the global economic recovery and the monetary policies of major economies, according to a senior official with the country's top forex regulator Thursday.

China will continue to improve the formation mechanism of the renminbi exchange rate to enhance its flexibility and keep it generally stable within a reasonable range, according to Wang Chunying, spokesperson with the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE).

The central parity rate of the Chinese currency renminbi, or the yuan, weakened 66 basis points to 6.4401 against the U.S. dollar Thursday after three days of strengthening.

The Chinese currency has risen by over 1.5 percent in value compared with the U.S. dollar since the first trading day this year.

Wang attributed the yuan's rise to a weakening dollar and steady domestic economic growth.

The dollar index, a gauge that measures the U.S. currency's strength against six other major currencies, staged consistent declines in the past trading days over domestic uncertainties and a strengthening euro due to stronger-than-expected EU economic recovery.

In a sign of rising confidence in the currency, China's central bank decided last week to adjust the mechanism it created last year to support the renminbi and check capital flight amid worries of a weakening yuan.

Chinese enterprises are gradually changing their old thinking on the renminbi exchange rate, with fewer betting on unilateral appreciation or depreciation, said Wang, adding that SAFE will continue to prompt enterprises to improve risk management.

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LONDON, Jan. 21 (Xinhua) -- The national executive committee of UKIP, the anti-EU party, agreed a vote of no confidence Sunday in its leader Henry Bolton.

Ahead of the vote Bolton said he would not quit the job even if the no confidence vote was passed. Bolton said in a round of Sunday media interviews the committee had no right to pass moral judgement on his private life.

He has faced calls to resign over a number of anti-racist remarks his former girlfriend posted on social media, including messages critical of Meghan Markle, bride-to-be of Queen Elizabeth's grandson, Prince Harry.

Last week Bolton ended the romantic relationship with girlfriend Jo Marney who texted messages saying Markle would taint the British Royal Family, though he has said he would support Marney rebuild her life.

UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party, was formed 30 years ago tasked with ending Britain's membership of the EU.

UKIP chairman Paul Oakden said Bolton was offered the opportunity to resign but said he had made it clear that he feels he is the right man to lead the party forward.

Following a three-hour emergency meeting, called to discuss Bolton' future, the vote of no confidence in him was passed. There will now be a vote among the entire UKIP membership.

The executive committee does not have the power under UKIP rules to remove Bolton, only a vote of the party's membership can do that.

If Bolton, a retired army officer, leaves his job it would mean UKIP having to seek its fifth leader in 18 months.

In a statement issued later UKIP said: ""The committee took the decision to hold a vote of no confidence in the leadership of Henry Bolton. The vote was carried unanimously with the exception of the leader. This decision will automatically trigger an EGM (emergency general meeting) of the party, to allow the membership of UKIP the democratic opportunity to decide to endorse or reject that vote of no confidence. The party is required to hold such an EGM within 28 days of today's date unless Henry Bolton resigns in the meantime.""


An efficient process for managing skin allergies provides 3 elements. Firstly you need to fully grasp the trouble, then you ought to discover if anything is causing your skin impact, and thirdly you have to care for your skin.

A lot of people believe that allergies only get a new respiratory or digestive methods, but they also affects your greatest organ- your skin. Like with other hypersensitivity the disease fighting capability overreacts to the reputation of particular substances along with releases inflammation-producing chemical substances. Do some research along with speak to your doctor. You’ll be able to be confident of controlling your condition of the skin far better in case you are confident you recognize what causes it.

The other component throughout managing a skin allergy is identifying then eliminating the certain allergens and also irritants that start the itchingscratching cycle. You will locate over 3200 known activates for pores and skin allergies. Most are natural, even so you will find plenty of man-made ones too.

Maybe one of the most popular man-made trigger will likely be latex, which originates from the sap of the B razil rubber tree. The natural protein and those included the producing method could trigger a hypersensitivity. Many people are conscious of this can result in tendencies for those who put on latex gloves. Nonetheless latex is also seen in baby pacifiers, balloons, dog pen erasers and elastic bands in undergarments. Correct now there can also be difficulties when latex particles become flying and are inhaled. If you have a new latex allergy remain away from the material and employ vinyl together with plastic in which probable.

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