BEIJING Dalton Schultz Cowboys Jersey , Dec. 28 (Xinhua) -- Following is a list of major world sports events for the year of 2015 (tabulated under date, event and venue):

Jan. 3, Xiamen Marathon, Xiamen, China

Jan. 3-10, Shenzhen Tennis Open, Shenzhen, China

Jan. 4-17, Dakar Rally, ArgentinaChile

Jan. 9-31, Asian Cup Men's Soccer Tournament, Australia

Jan. 17-Feb. 8, Africa Nations' Cup, Equatorial Guinea

Jan. 19-Feb. 1, Australian Open, Melbourne, Australia

Feb. 4-14, 27th Winter Universiade, Granada, Spain

Feb. 9-15, Four Continents Figure Skating Championships, Seoul, South Korea

Feb. 28-Mar. 1, World Sprint Speed Skating Championships, Astana, Kazakhstan

Mar. 7-8, World All-around Speed Skating Championships, Calgary, Canada

Mar. 13-15, World Short Track Speed Skating Championships, Moscow, Russia

Mar. 23-29, World Figure Skating Championships, Shanghai, China

Apr. 18-May 4, World Snooker Championship, Sheffield, Britain

Apr. 26-May 3, World Table Tennis Championships, Suzhou, China

May 10-17, Sudirman Cup Badminton Tournament, Dongguan, China

May 20-28, Asian Women's Volleyball Championship, Beijing and Tianjin, China

May 24-Jun. 7, French Open, Paris, France

May 30-Jun. 20, FIFA U-20 World Cup, New Zealand

Jun. 6-July 5, Women's Soccer World Cup, Canada

Jun. 11-July 4, 44th Copa America, Chile

Jun. 12-28, European Games, Baku, Azerbaijan

Jun. 29-July 12, Wimbledon, London, Britain

July 3-14, Summer Universiade, Gwangju, South Korea

July 4-26, Tour de France, France

July 10-26, Pan American Games, Toronto, Canada

July 24-Aug. 9, World Swimming Championships, Kazan, Russia

July 25-Aug. 2, Special Olympics World Summer Games, Los Angeles, United States

July 31-Aug. 8, Asian Men's Volleyball Championship, Tehran, Iran

Aug. 1-9, East Asian Cup Soccer Tournament, Wuhan, China

Aug. 10-16, World Badminton Championships, Jakarta, Indonesia

Aug. 22-30, World Athletics Championships, Beijing, China

Aug. 22-Sept. 6, Women's Volleyball World Cup, Japan

Aug. 24-30, World Judo Championships, Astana, Kazakhstan

Aug. 31-Sept. 13, US Open, New York, United States

Sept. 8-23, Men's Volleyball World Cup, Japan

Sept. 23-Oct. 3, Asian Men's Basketball Championship, Changsha, China

Oct. 3-11, China Open, Beijing, China

Oct. 11-18, Shanghai Rolex Masters, Shanghai, China

Oct. 18-27, Chinese National Youth Games, Fuzhou, Fujian

Oct. 24-Nov. 1, World Gymnastics Championships, Glasgow, Britain

Nov. 20-29, World Weightlifting Championships, Houston, United States

Whenever you want the delicious taste of lobster in your own home, and without the need to go to Red Lobster or your preferred seafood eatery, you can actually cook lobster in your home. Do not allow the job mislead you. It really is much easier than it seems, and cooking lobster is both rewarding and delicious. I’ll look at a few approaches to cook plus some tips, suggestions and tricks on barbecuing our tiny shelled relatives from the sea. You’ll recognize that you can enjoy lobster exactly like Red Lobster right from home. Obviously, my favorite seafood eating place is another excellent option, but hey, from time to time you desire that buttery shell fish in your own home while not having to go anywhere apart from your own personal dining area.

Lobster Cooking: Boiling, the Easiest Way

To begin with, get a LIVE lobster. I cannot emphasize this enough. Since a dead lobster, that is, a lobster which was killed well before your cooking it, will not likely cook as well, it is advised you stick to live lobsters. So, with your live lobster, get a big pot of water, thyme as well as lemon juicerinds to a boil. In case the lobster has any strings or rubber bands forcing the claws shut, get rid of those. Place him in the rapidly boiling water head first. Watch out here, naturally. Yes, I know this can be a bit of a downer for a few people, but realise that the lobster’s brain is extremely small – it’s got absolutely no complex thought or emotion process. Cover up the pot and boil approximately a quarter of an hour. You will place a cover on the pot and keep it boiling. Boil around Fifteen minutes for the typical size lobster.When it starts getting done, it will turn bright red. This won’t indicate it’s totally done always. Check with a meat thermometer for 180 degrees for the best technique to find out if it’s done. I suggest serving the little guy with lemon or butter and garlic clove. It’s really a wonderful combo!

When done, the meat will be whitened and firm. 180 degrees Fahrenheit is the suggested target if you have an internal thermometer.

Grilling a Lobster

Whenever you BBQ a lobster, it is advisable to precook it a small amount. Boil it like previously mentioned for around 3 minutes. After that take it out and then cut the lobster in two down the center. You want it sliced up and down. Use salt, pepper and organic olive oil to the lobster, and also oil the barbecue. Heat it up moderate high heat, and set lobster parts shell side down. Apply extra virgin olive oil with a brush from time to time, and grill around 9-10 minutes. Don’t forget your intended target temperature of 180 degrees F, for those who have a quick-read food thermometer. Next remove lobsters and enjoy with butter, lemon-butter marinade or some other garnish you choose.

Cracking Lobsters and Eating

To start with, get started with the legs. Clasp the lobster body and simply turn the limbs and they’re going to snap right off. Crack the legs just like you might do cracking a crab leg and just suck the meat out or perhaps use a fork to peel it out. Soak in butter sauce for best taste.

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