IOC Vice-President Juan Antonio Samaranch Salisachs speaks during the press conference for the 1st Meeting of the IOC Coordination Commission for the XXIV Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 in Beijing Jaire Alexander Youth Jersey , capital of China, Oct. 12, 2016. (XinhuaJu Huanzong)
BEIJING, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- Internatonal Olympic Committee (IOC) Coordination Commission officials spoke highly of Beijing's preparation for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in their first meeting here on Wednesday.

The IOC Coordination Commission, headed by Alexander Zhukov, held talks with the Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee and visited venues in Zhangjiakou, Yanqing and Beijing during the three-day meeting which opened on Monday.

IOC vice president Juan Antonio Samaranch said the meeting was "informative" and "productive".

He said their discussions had been focused mainly on five aspects: government, sports, venues, commercial and engagement.

"We are very pleased with what we have seen and learned Beijing 2022 is off to a very fast start. Initial preparations are on right track," said Samaranch.

Executive vice president of the Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee Zhang Jiandong said they have reached agreements with IOC officials in many aspects.

"The IOC Coordination Committee proposed some good advice and we will study and adopt them," he said.

The IOC praised the sustainability of Beijing's work, saying it illustrated the concept of Olympic Agenda 2020.

The preparation of Beijing 2022 takes full advantage of both the Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games legacy - including existing competition venues, infrastructure and people with deep operational experience.

According to Zhang, there will be a total of 25 competition and non-compeitition venues for the Beijing 2022. Twelve venues are in Beijing, among which 11 are legacies of the 2008 Olympic Games.

"The concept design of the speed skating venue has been opened to international bidding and the construction will be started next April," he said.

"The construction work of competition venues will start next year and all of the venues will be finished by the end of 2019," Zhang said. "We have made the roadmaps and timelines of the preparations,"

"We have set up nine departments, two operation centers and have 170 working members, half of whom have been participated in the organizing of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games or bidding for the 2022 Winter Games," Zhang said.

Beijing won the right to host the Games at the 128th IOC Session in Kuala Lumpur last year.

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