LAGOS asics gel lyte iii negras baratas , Oct. 23 (Xinhua) -- The Nigeria Football Association ( NFA) on Thursday filed for appeal against the ruling of a court, which annulled the Elective Congress of Sept. 30, 2014 held in southern city of Warri.

In a statement reaching Xinhua in Lagos, the FA said it had filed a stay of execution on the ruling earlier in the day by a Federal High Court in central north city of Jos.

The congress had seen the election of the Amaju Pinnick-led NFA board, thus appearing to have restored calm to the Nigerian football family.

The election had however failed to do that, with a faction of the football family heading back to the court in Jos where the whole crisis had sparked off in July.

The presiding judge had given the order annulling the elections in spite of a Preliminary Objection filed by the NFA challenging the jurisdiction of the court to hear the case.

By Paul Giblin

MADRID, Sept. 5 (Xinhua) -- Spanish Secretary of State for Sport asics gel lyte iii grises baratas , Miguel Cardinal is currently in Buenos Aires helping with the Madrid 2020 Olympic Bid make its final push before the International Olympic Committee announces the Host City for 2020 Olympic Games on Saturday, Sept. 7.

The 12th Secretary of State for Sport is from Bilbao and as such a supporter of Athletic Club Bilbao, but the 45-year-old who qualified with a Doctorate in Law from the University of Navarra, has one aim at the moment, and that is to help bring the Olympics back to Spain.

Speaking to Xinhua just before his departure, he looked back on past Olympics, such as the 2008 Games and expressed his admiration of that event. However asics gel lyte iii blancas baratas , with Spain currently in economic crisis, Cardinal explained that the Madrid bid moves along different lines with an emphasis on using existing infrastructures and venues, keeping control on costs in line with the difficult economic times.

"It is fantastic that Beijing was changed in such as way and a stimulus given to the sport in the country, but we have to wonder whether for us whether such a big investment is positive for us. The Olympic movement has to try and offer alternative ways of doing things, so many in the future any city can offer itself without having such financial muscle. We need to find a balance and that is what we are offering to the Olympic movement," he said.

Although money is tight in Spain, the central government has moved in order to support the capital.

"I think that what they have asked us to do asics gel lyte iii españa , we have done well," he said, using the recent reform of the anti-doping laws as an example. "The worry did exist and the image was harmed and in the past year and nine months, we have done things to make changes. Your image changes, when people who are your partners see and respect what you have doing. There was a worry over this issue, but now that is not the case," he said asics gel lyte iii baratas , adding that the change in the law is one that had not been made just to help the 2020 bid.

"Our sports people have the right to compete without anyone doubting their honesty," he said.

The crisis has of course raised questions over whether or not Spain can meet the financial obligations of the Olympics and again Cardinal believes the government has fulfilled its role.

"The government has guaranteed that there whatever happens, there will be no problem with the finance of the Games, we will meet the responsibility and so this worry has gone away. Economic reasons are not a risk for the correct celebration and financing of the Olympics," he insisted, adding that the financial situation should not mean low attendances at venues, giving crowds at Real Madrid onitsuka tiger track españa , the recent World Swimming and Basketball Championships and recent basketball friendly games as examples of how the Spanish respond to sporting events.

"We like sport and we go and follow it," said the Secretary of State.

The crisis has affected Spanish sport, there is no doubt of that, something highlighted recently by the disappearances of the Atletico Madrid handball team and financial problems suffered by several teams in the ACB Basketball league. However, Cardinal prefers to look on the bright side, stressing that the financial situation will stop teams and sports from existing in a financial wonderland.

"I think there are aspects that are being positive, because we have to adjust the financial capacity of our professional sport with the dimensions and importance of our country asics onitsuka tiger track baratas ," he said, giving the example of Atletico Madrid's handball team, whose expenses were well above the club's income.

"The message we are giving is that the recipe isn't working and it has never worked," he said, explaining that many teams had disappeared even when the economy was healthy.

"It is not a problem of the crisis, it is a problem that the clubs have to adjust their spending to their income and they are lessons we all apply at home and we have to learn to apply them in our sports."

Although the concession of the Olympic Games to Madrid would possibly produce a short term boost to team sports such as basketball, handball and even water polo onitsuka tiger tokuten españa , should Spain do well, it is at grass roots where the benefits would be most felt.

"That is the challenge, if you are the host then you are qualified for everything and you have the chance to compete," said Cardinal, who used the 1992 Barcelona Games, when Spain achieved its best ever medal haul and was able to maintain that level in sports which were unknown.

"We have seen the number of competitors multiply and consolidate themselves. It also saw an explosion in the number of women athletes," he said asics onitsuka tiger tokuten baratas , adding that London has produced an increase in people taking up sport at every level.

The decision over the 2020 Games looks to be between Tokyo and Madrid and it is hard to say which will be chosen, given that both candidacies have their respective merits and drawbacks, however, if Tokyo were chosen over Madrid, what would the effect be .