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The 17pt business cards are all business cards made from 17pt premium paper. Normally, they are thick enough with approximately 60% the thickness of ordinary credit cards. You will want to use these cards because of their durability. Nonetheless, other aspects come into play when determining the durability of your card. Nonetheless, it must be affordable and be able to suit your needs. Business cards are categorized with respect to their design, their material and the kind of message displayed.

Types of business cards

- First, the wood textured business card is one of the 17pt cards you will find in the market. It provides the sense of wood and you will not be mistaken to know that apart from paper, it is made from wood. This is a preference of individuals who want to live green and use eco-friendly products only. They are unique and stand out from the Rolodex and other card organizers. This card is a choice for all people who would love to leave a lasting impact on their clients.

- The other type of business cards is that for persons who view themselves with a lot of value and seriousness. These cards are slick and are created from metal alloys. They have a cold feel making them to exude professionalism. Often, they brush off the paper texture appearing as a totally different material.

Mistakes in making business cards

There are certain mistakes that people do when designing the 17pt business cards. Often, these mistakes make the cards to lose their meaning. For example, designing a card that portrays extreme levels of honesty with respect to your involvements may not ideally display a business card. For instance, when supplying bonuses, you do not have to structure an advertisement card and tag it a business card.

In addition, there are certain businesses that are not well presented on business cards unless when they are structured by experts. For example, establishing the card of a graphic designer may be quite complex. You must portray your skill on the card implying that the card may end up so bright and colorful. Unluckily, you cannot get away with a crappy card when involved in graphic design. Hence, try as much as you can to get experts to plan one on your behalf.


Printing business cards and postcards can be an expensive involvement especially when all you do is mess up the entire production. It is vital that you spend extra coins to get the service of trained designers and printers in order to establish a suitable card. However, you will want to know that some of these persons are more expensive than the others. In addition, some individuals love to take advantage of individuals who are not certain of the products that they want. Hence, you should research online to find the most affordable persons to print cheap postcards for you. Alternatively, you could invest in training courses in order to improve on your skills. It will surprise you to note than once in a while, a friend of yours will ask you to design a similar one for them.

17PT business cards can be durable assets that are affordable like in the case of being able to print cheap postcards. Nonetheless, if you are not careful, you will be a victim of creating flawed cards like advertising yourself and contrasting your ideas. To ensure your card reflects professionalism, spend the extra coins to take a course in designing or use an expert like Blockbuster-Printers.

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