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Teeth are the most valuable asset when it comes to the features and appearance. The way we smile and talk in public shows our confidence level. People get attracted towards someone initially because of their confidence and the way someone smiles. Even the professionals try to have a perfect smile through services provided by the Marylebone dental practice. If you have pearly white teeth then smiling is easy breezy thing adding to your persona but the story is totally different. Yellow teeth are a result of stains on the tooth enamel mostly due to the tinted drinks and smoking. Sometimes illness or lack of dental care is also the reason behind yellowing teeth. For people related to public relations or some other field where one has to appear best of the rest, it is important to have white bright teeth.

As a person gets older his teeth will start getting discolored or yellowish due to the change in the mineral structure of the teeth enamel. The enamel will become porous thus making the teeth appear yellowish demanding for tooth whitening w1 process to have the whiteness back. Teeth whitening or dental bleaching is the process used by the dentist to make the teeth visibly whiter. It comes under the cosmetic dentistry, a field of dentistry used to make people beautiful by adjusting their facial features through jaws, teeth, making teeth whiter, fixing lost tooth.

If you want to keep your teeth white then here are few things which you will have to avoid:

Do not consume tinted drinks too much. Coffee, tea, red wine are some of the drinks which can make your teeth tinted. After having they try to drink water to reduce the tint or brush your teeth. Quite smoking. Chain smokers or the people who smoke a lot have yellowing teeth thus quite smoking to have white ones.Keep infections away. If you have infection in the root canal then the tooth may get discolored so consult a root canal specialist to get rid of the infection.

Teeth whitening are the process which is done much better in the dental clinics under professional guidance. You can do it at home as well with the ready to use teeth whitening trays and tooth pastes. Take care of your teeth and brush at least twice a day to keep the tint away. Use the whitening strips and the trays while you are not eating or drinking anything, most preferably at night.

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