Having prospects is hard enough Cheap Samuele Longo Jersey , but how to turn these prospects into business partners? It can be easier than you think. Systematize your follow ups by using sales funnels. First off we will talk about where these prospects come from. You can have prospects from many different places.

Face to Face meetings
Offline marketing
Online marketing

You treat each one with a sales funnel. Depending on how you meet or get your prospect, is the way you should follow up with your prospect. If you meet your prospect face to face then your follow ups should be face to face. If you meet your prospect online then the best way to follow up is online. Same should be with any other form of marketing. I prefer online marketing because it is so to duplicate and has no geographic limits. You can market to everyone on the planet.
Sales Funnels

A sales funnel is simply a process that you use to follow up with your prospects. It is a similar process for everyone no matter how you meet your prospects. We will go over just a few ideas for your sales funnel in this article.

Face to Face sales funnel

This will be the simplest of all of the sales funnels. Once you have a prospect your first step is to get them to a presentation of your primary business. After the presentation you put them through your sales funnel. This can be as simple as asking a question. Like what did you like best of what you saw? After they tell you their answer, then say it sounds like you are ready to get started. (Don’t say are you ready to get started Cheap Samir Handanovic Jersey , tell them they are ready to get started). Telling them they are ready to get started lets them know, you think they can be successful in the business.

Offline marketing sales funnel

Offline is done via phone and automated sizzle or presentation calls. This can be automated via tools like Google voice or similar service. Most offline marketing will start with a number that you give to a potential prospect. When they call the number you then start them through your sales funnel. You ask them to take some type of action. This action should be an easy action like stay on the line for a presentation of your opportunity or easier is to have them leave their name and phone number so you can call them. You can also say leave your name and phone number and our team will get back to you as soon as possible, if you would like to learn more right now; have them call your sizzle call number or if you use a PBS phone system you can setup extensions that you can have a sizzle or presentation for an extension and just have them press an extension to get to the call to action.

Online sales funnel

Online sales funnel will take time to build and will be the most automated sales funnel you will have. I will tell you right off the bat. You should use your up lines sales funnel first. You should have someone in your team that has a sales funnel. If you try to create your own when you first start Cheap Roberto Gagliardini Jersey , you may have some frustration with the outcome of all of your hard work. Saying that let’s get into what are the parts of a sales funnel. First step is to have your prospects put in their name and email address. There are some tools that you must use in an online sales funnel. You will need an auto-responder like aweber or getresponse. (you will find more tools in the resource tab on my blog, If you join my list or my team you will have access to a sales funnel that you can use to get you started) You will need other offers to entice your prospect to purchase small products or services. When they purchase a small purchase this is to get them to the bigger ticket item of your primary business.

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But whereas they share the same manager, Kipchoge and Kiprotich will be sworn enemies when they line up at the Rio Olympics in August.

Both have expressed their interest to run in the ultimate distance and the Ugandan has much to lose as he puts his title on the line.

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