#links Ziggy Ansah Jersey , A jury on Wednesday night found Brittany Norwood responsible for first-degree murder inside the beating death of her co-worker inside a Bethesda yoga store.

The jury deliberated approximately one hour before returning its verdict against Norwood, who could spend the remainder of her lifetime imprisonment for killing 30-year-old Jayna Murray. Norwood is going to be sentenced Jan. 27 in Montgomery County Circuit Court.

Prosecutors said Norwood, 29, lured Murray for the Lululemon Athletica in Bethesda where both women worked, then brutally beat her to death. Norwoods attorneys admitted Murray was killed inside a fight between your two, but said the attack wasnt premeditated.

The jurors counseled me leaning towards first-degree murder right from the start in the deliberations, juror Donny Knepper said away from courtoom following the verdict was announced. They were really persuaded with the quantity of injuries Murray suffered while she was still being alive.

In conclusion arguments, States Attorney John McCarthy attempted to portray Norwood like a cunning woman who staged a criminal offense scene and posed like a victim. She faked shoe prints and cut herself to tennis ball so the investigation off, from her, he explained. Her lies terrified this whole community.

The jury of six men and six women considered charges of first- and second-degree murder. To prove the first-degree charge, prosecutors required to demonstrate that the killing was willful, deliberate and premeditated.

McCarthy said the killing was planned, telling jurors there was sufficient time for your two with an argument overheard by employees within the adjacent Apple Store, which Norwood moved round the store through the battle to obtain a minimum of five different weapons.

brittany norwood lululemon, There are decisions being made here, he explained.

Earlier Wednesday, Dr. Mary Ripple, Marylands deputy medical examiner, testified that Murray was alive when she suffered the 331 stab wounds, cuts and bruises available on her dead body. The fatal blow was likely a stab wound towards the base of her head that chipped a neck bone, experienced her skull and into her brain, Ripple said.

I felt the brutality was indescribable, Phyllis Murray, Jaynas mother, said following the verdict was read.

The prosecutions trump card, said McCarthy was tapes of her conversations with detectives including statements about two masked men beating Murray and sexually assaulting her that ended up consist.

But defense attorney Douglas Wood argued that Norwood needs to be found guilty of second-degree murder, with a maximum penalty of three decades in jail.

The lies that Norwood told police show she was the exact the complete opposite of cunning as well as the killing wasnt premeditated, Wood said in the courtroom. She is clueless, so she spins out this story which makes no sense, he was quoted saying.

Wood said following a verdict that Norwood happen to be remorseful from the first day.

Murrays family expressed relief within the verdict. Following a jury foreman announced that Norwood was discovered guilty of first-degree murder, a whispered yes was heard inside the courtroom.brittany norwood lululemon

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