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There are some specific things that you as a plastic surgery patient can do to ensure that your recovery time is successful and proceeds smoothly.

How successful a cosmetic plastic procedure is will be directly related to how well the patient heals afterwards. Not every procedure performed by a plastic surgeon involves the same amount of discomfort or the same length of recuperation period. No matter how good a job the plastic surgeon does on whatever part of you was operated on, your body still needs self-care. It needs time to heal from the work that was done. There are ways that you can help yourself post-operatively to feel better and to suffer from as little pain and discomfort as a possible.

The best thing you can do to ensure a healthy outcome following a cosmetic surgery procedure is to make sure you are as healthy as possible before the date for the operation arrives. The plastic surgeon who will be performing your operation will advise those who smoke to quit several weeks before the surgery date. He will also tell you that eating nutritiously and exercising on a regular basis will keep both your body and mind healthy and strong. This will also keep you at a weight that is good for your frame and your height.

Before you consult with a plastic surgeon about a cosmetic procedure such as breast augmentation, liposuction, a tummy tuck or a facelift, you should go to see your family physician and have a check-up. You want to know that you are healthy enough to be able to come through the surgery with flying colors.

You should also, upon the plastic doctor's recommendation, eliminate your consumption of alcohol and caffeine prior to the date for your operation. Anything you can do to make yourself as strong and as healthy as possible before you go under the surgeon's knife is essential to your recovery.

If you live alone, then ready your home environment for comfort and convenience. You do not want to come home following the procedure and have to make changes to your living area that you should have prepared in advance. After the plastic surgical procedure, you are going to need your rest and you are going to need to focus on your recovery. That is why you must think ahead and have your home ready for the post-operative period during the pre-op stage. Even if you do not live alone you still need to anticipate ahead of time the events of your healing period. After all a healthy recuperation is what you are aiming for and indeed is within your grasp if you think ahead.

It also helps to have a support system in place. You need someone to drive you home after your procedure and you need to have someone who can stay with you in your home and monitor you within the first 24 to 72 hours following the operation. Ask a family member or close friend if they can stay with you to help make you comfortable and allow you to start to heal. The first few hours and first few days after the operation are crucial. If you should experience something that points to a problem that has occurred post-operatively then the person who stays with you can phone the plastic surgeon right away to get help for you.

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