Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton "co-founders" of the Islamic State group (IS) on Thursday Cheap NFL Jerseys From China , in remarks certain to ignite fresh criticism of his campaign style.

The New York real estate developer has previously criticized Obama and Clinton - who served as secretary of state from 2009-13 - for how the US pulled out of Iraq after the war, saying it helped create the militant Islamist group that has seized swaths of Iraq and Syria.

The idea that a sitting US president created a militant group determined to kill Americans and other Westerners took that criticism to a new level. Trump first made the assertion in a speech in Florida on Wednesday night, and he repeated it in an interview with CNBC on Thursday morning.

His remarks followed a troubled week for the Republican candidate. Party leaders urged Trump to focus on the campaign to beat Clinton after he drew strong criticism for a persistent confrontation with the family of a Muslim American soldier who died in Iraq and for his initial refusal to support prominent Republican candidates in their primary races.

Recent opinion polls have shown Trump losing ground to Clinton, a former US senator and first lady Cheap NFL Jerseys China , in the race for the November 8 election. An average of polls by Real Clear Politics has Clinton 7.7 percentage points ahead, at 48 percent to Trump's 40.3 percent.

"He [Obama] was the founder of ISIS. And so was she. I mean, I call them co-founders," said Trump Cheap Custom NFL Jerseys , who says he opposed the Iraq war. "He shouldn't have gotten out the way he got out. It was a disaster, what he did," he told CNBC.

Obama had opposed the Iraq war and campaigned for the White House in 2008 on a promise to end it. The US pulled combat troops out of the country in 2011.

Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, also known as ISIS or ISIL Cheap NFL Jerseys , had its roots in the Al Qaeda insurgency that arose after the United States led an invasion of Iraq in 2003. Known for its brutality, the group in 2014 declared an Islamic caliphate in Syria and Iraq, where fighting continues to rage.

In response to Trump's comments, Clinton spokesperson Jesse Lehrich pointed to US advances against the militant group in Libya this week. "FYI - US-backed militias retook ISIS's stronghold in Libya today thanks to Obama-authorized air strikes Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale ," he said in a tweet late on Wednesday.

But Trump did not back down, asking on CNBC, "Is there something wrong with saying that? … Are people complaining that I said he was the founder of ISIS? All I do is to tell the truth, I'm a truth teller."

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Posted by nick_niesen in Home on October 28th Cheap Jerseys Shop , 2010

I聮m rethinking my position on home businesses. I still think selling nick-knacks is insane and has probably been induced by a combination of lost personal dreams and confidence and also a thuggish predatory distributor that feels no shame in misleading others for the benefits of their own ends. On the other hand, I think having a store that sold knick-knacks would probably be just as depressing. But, back to the more positive side of this story.

I聮m thinking a home business might be the way to go. Don聮t get me wrong, I think that Dr. Laura is so laughably ridiculous that I need not bother pointing out her nonsense (she does a good enough of a job of that). I do think Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , however, that perhaps the blind pursuit of corporate success has brought unintended diminutions to our sense of camaraderie and community; within our families and the greater population. Maybe, taking a step back, moving at a schedule that is set by your priorities other than a human resources administrator could potentially get us back to putting humanity in a position of value.

Challenge yourself mentally. Find feelings of accomplishment through work. Earn money that you can use to take care of your family. Do all of these things Cheap Jerseys From China , but allow them to be part of a balance in your live where personal values and others are the priority. And you, you need to be the priority also. Your home business needs to be working for you and not the other way around. Finding success in your home business needs to also be done by having the business actually be something that interests you. Not, just some product that is sold as your financial freedom by some unaccountable internet site.

I often think about some of the problems that arise from the excessive demands of corporate agendas. It just might be possible that finding satisfying work in one聮s home business can be the missing link to reintegrating happiness in all the aspects of our lives.

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