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Gus Poyet, coach of Shanghai Greenland Shenhua

GUS Poyet is getting used to life in Shanghai. Four months since arriving in the city as the coach of Shanghai Greenland Shenhua, the Uruguayan says that he is already planning for a long stay in China.

“It (coming to China) was not an easy decision as people would say that if you come to China, your career is finished. But now I’m delighted that I am here and would like to make it long-term Jarran Reed Womens Jersey ,” the former Chelsea player tells Shanghai Daily. “If China manages to maintain this enthusiasm, in 10 years it will become one of the best places to play football.”

Poyet’s Shenhua is fourth in the 16-team Chinese Super League with four points from its opening two home matches. The team suffered an early elimination from this year’s AFC Champions League, losing 0-2 to Brisbane Roar in their one-match qualifier at Hongkou Football Stadium on February 8. It was also Poyet’s first match.

“The bad thing about that game was we lost. But the good thing was we played the game the way we had planned to,” Poyet says. “But we never thought of conceding a goal after just two minutes (after kick-off). The team was then in a hurry and desperate to score.

“(After the loss) I was not worried about my work or the players’ attitude. We live in a football world where it’s all about results ... It was our first game and I was very happy with the team Germain Ifedi Womens Jersey , but disappointed with the result, as we really wanted to play in the AFC Champions League.”

Poyet says the team’s objective for the season has not changed — to advance to next year’s Asian competition. To do that, Shenhua needs to finish in the top three in the CSL or win the China FA Cup.

“The higher position the better, but at the moment Shaquill Griffin Womens Jersey , the main focus is team building. We played two home games, but haven’t played in the away matches yet, which would be a totally different situation. As a manager I need to know how the players react in away games.”

“The priority is to be always at the top (of the standing). If you are in the top pack, you will always find a chance to have a final sprint ... And you have to avoid draws when there is a chance to grab three points.”

Poyet also believes the team’s star striker Carlos Tevez would only get better as the season progresses. The former Manchester United and Manchester City striker shined on his CSL debut Ethan Pocic Womens Jersey , scoring from the penalty spot and grabbing two assists in Shenhua’s 4-0 victory over Jiangsu Suning.

Poyet confesses signing Tevez was a bit of a surprise to him. “The club officials told me that a deal to sign a big-name player was being worked out ... It was great when I knew it was Carlos.”

Poyet also dismisses rumors about the Argentine being unhappy in China.

“An Italian media started the rumor of his going back to Argentina, and the whole world got on it. I happened to be with Carlos that morning, and he was talking to me about his new life arrangements in Shanghai. And in the afternoon the rumor came up. I immediately knew that it was a story made from nowhere.

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