Ask any watch guy about Rolex, and chances are you'll get regaled with stories regarding rare vintage Daytonas or the high-tech, bi-color Cerachrome bezels on the new GMT. Few collectors as well as enthusiasts will immediately jump to talking about the Datejust – and that might be a mistake. One of the more understated members of the Rolex family, the Datejust has an amazing combination of real history, versatile style, and also quality horological industry that should obtain everyone from the casual view wearer to the die-hard enthusiast excited. In this article we take the modern 36mm Datejust for a spin while also giving you an complex look at where this enjoy comes from along with why it's one of the greatest watches of all time.
There is no question that Rolex is the best known see manufacture on the planet, not to mention one of the best-known brands in general, world-wide. It would be easy to assume that this is the result of extravagant marketing budgets and other less-tangible qualities - and these things surely play a part - but to dismiss the history of the company and its products would be to do the story a great disservice. The Datejust is one of the earliest models that survives today and a perfect lens through which to look at why Cartier is, well, Rolex.
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Rolex submariner was founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf, though it was originally located in the United Kingdom and called Wilsdorf & Davis. The name would transition to Rolex datejust SA within 1920 when Wilsdorf shifted to Switzerland where his suppliers were located, giving us the company we have today. There are little insights through the very birth that give us a lot of insight into how Rolex has become what it is, such as Wilsdorf's insistence which his brand's name be easy to articulate in any language and that it remain short and easy to place elegantly on the dial of his timepieces. These are small decisions that have had huge ramifications later on.